Non-tariff measures in daily life

Objective and content

 This part of the UNCTAD training programme shall be available for participants to attend at the time and venue of their choosing. The training is provided through a multimedia lecture, plus reading materials. At the end of the training course, there is a quiz, to assess the participants’ learning. A certificate for Week 1 will be offered. 

 The course is aimed at building the general understanding of non-tariff measures (NTMs), their relevance to multiple Ministries and Agencies of Viet Nam, and the data that is collected by UNCTAD in its global database across countries, as well as the principles, procedures and methodologies used in classifying NTMs. 

The training course shall be accessible through three separate modules:


Module 1 

Introduction to NTM data

Why are NTM important?

Data available


Module 2

International Classification of NTMs

Type of information that is considered 

Chapters of the classification


Module 3              

Principles for collecting and registering data


Attendance of these three modules is crucial and highly recommended to gain a basic understanding of NTMs and be able to meaningfully engage in the inter-active training of Week 2.

Teacher: Chi Le NGO