Trade and Gender Linkages with a Focus on the Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

The course will run from 13 June to 17 July 2022.

The call for applications is closed for this course.

The objective of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge needed to analyse the two-way relationship between trade and gender, and ultimately produce gender-aware policy recommendations. To this end, the course introduces the concepts of trade and gender, and combines theory on the interaction between trade and gender with empirical evidence. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to achieve the following objectives:


·      Look at the economy from a gender perspective

·      Identify the channels through which trade affects women’s economic empowerment and well-being, and the channels through which gender inequality affects trade performance and competitiveness

·      Illustrate how trade integration has influenced gender outcomes in the different economic sectors

·      Be aware of the current debate on trade and gender taking place and the multilateral, regional and bilateral levels and be able to contribute to this area of research and policy-oriented work  

·      Use the knowledge acquired to produce policy-oriented research and strategies that could be used by national and regional policymakers, and academic papers investigating the interplay between trade and gender

·      Contribute to mainstreaming gender in trade and other policies